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Raffle E-mail b

I cannot believe I won first prize! I never win anything! I'm flailing and going crazy right now! CASSIDY IS GOING TO CALL ME AND SERENADE ME!?! WHAT?!? I can't wait! Ok, I'm taking deep, calming breaths now. HOLY FUCK! CASSIDY HALEY IS GOING TO CALL ME!
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He sounds reallllly good on the phone, word to the wise. :)

I talked to him twice on blog talk and an LA radio show. It's very surreal, but cool!

Have you picked your song yet? Very happy for you, darlin' hugs x
I love his speaking voice in the videos of him I've listened to, so I'm excited to actually hear it in person. Also his singing. Yeah, it's going to feel pretty surreal.

I don't think I get to pick the song. I get to pick an item from the merch store, but I think Cassidy is either singing a song he wrote for this or picking which song he's singing.

Thanks! I'm still flailing!


October 13 2010, 00:18:58 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  October 13 2010, 00:19:21 UTC

Freaking awesome!